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is a dynamic 15-week discipleship course designed to help students explore some of the big questions of life.


Perspectives Canada Virtual - Winter-Spring 2022

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We are excited to offer this class, totally virtual with live instructors. You should have fairly reliable internet and capacity. There is a special discounts available that might be applicable to you.


All on line, Available from coast to coast. No applications from outside of Canada can be accommodated. Note: Students from PEI will meet in person and will be join the virtual Canada wide course in the Winter-Spring 2022 Class. Contact us for further details


Not applicable

Meeting Time

Every Tuesday night from Feb 15, 2022 to May 24, 2022 from 7:00 - 9:30 pm Eastern time. A mandatory Pre-Class Orientation Session on Feb 8th and there is a break on Apr 5th


See Discounts Available Below
- Audit or Certificate Level:
- Cost: $335 registration fee not including books. Discounts available - see below.
- Books (Reader and Study Guide) - you can buy it yourself (amazon or other) or pick up books in set locations in Canada or have them shipped to you at your costs. It is better for you to order yourself if outside of local pick-up area. Books picked up locally by contacting us and making arrangements. They are also available as e-book on line.
(Note must have 4th Edition of Reader & Study Guide)

Credit - Undergraduate or Graduate Level (through a Bible School of your choosing):
- Above fees + Transcript fees set by your Bible School (students must register directly with their educational institutions prior to the first class - see FAQ page for more details).
NOTE: PayPal now available - on registration sheet.



  • There is an early bird discount of $100 if you register by January 15, 2022
  • There is a $40 discount if you register 1 week early by February 8, 2022
  • A special discount, total course fee of $185 for the following (no other discounts apply):
    • Students enrolled in a school, college or university. Note other discounts do not also apply. Bible school students seeking credit at the school will need to pay the school. Check with your registrar.
    • Recent school graduates (1 year of less)
    • Pastors and church leaders
    • Missionaries or mission candidates
    • Mission Organization staff
  • Referral discount of $25 if a Perspectives alumni recommended the course to you
  • Additional family members who also take the course as active students, will be given a $50 discoun

Contact Person

Perspectives Ontario


Payment can be made when you register or at any time you can securely pay via Paypal by clicking here. Deduct the discount you are claiming from the total fee of $335 and enter that into Paypal

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